Trainer 14

2011 ANNOUNCEMENT! (Now 1 August 2014)

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Trainer 14 - Mr YH


Our team of QC consultants is led by Mr YH, a pioneer of the QC movement in Singapore. Mr YH has about 20 years of experience as a quality circle administrator, trainer, consultant and activist. He received his training in QC at the National Productivity Board (NPB) and the Japan Productivity Center (JPC). Prior to becoming a full-time management consultant, he worked as training manager and productivity facilitator at Trans-Island Bus Services Ltd and Changi International Airport Services Pte Ltd.

  • Mr YH has conducted numerous in-company as well as public-run QC training programmes, both in Singapore and Malaysia.
  • He is also very active in promoting QC in Singapore. He is a member of the Programme Development Sub-committee and QC Judging Criteria Sub-committee at the Spring Singapore (formerly Singapore Productivity and Standards Board). He is a much sought-after speaker on QC topics, as well as QC judge at QC conventions.